Treehouse Builders

Forever Young Treehouses, Inc. - Vermont
Forever Young Treehouses promotes the construction of universally accessible treehouses across the country. While accessible treehouses provide a memorable experience for everyone, we focus on treehouse construction for children and young adults with special needs who are routinely confronted with barriers to fun and play in their daily lives. An accessible treehouse removes these obstacles, bringing people of all abilities together and closer to nature.

Out 'n' About Treehouse Institute and Treesort - Cave Junction, OR
At the Treehouse Institute of Takilma, we offer several several courses for Treemusketeers. Like most institutions of higher learning, we offer both core and elective (extree) classes. Unlike most institutions, our elective classes are geared totally to the individuals' desires. We do not dictate curriculum, we allow each student the opportunity to help create curriculum. We do, however, expect each Treemusketeer student to either have an un-abiding interest in treehouses and treeminology or pursue one of our alltreenut majors.

Living Tree, LLC. - Pennsylvania
Jonathan Fairoaks has been building custom tree houses for 41 years. He is an ISA Certified Arborist who enjoys preserving trees and building tree houses that will not compromise the tree it is built in. Let him help you design and build the tree house of your dreams. Trees are dynamic organisms that deserve the love and attention that a dedicated arborist and craftsman can bring to them. Since the tree is the actual architect of our tree houses, Fairoaks has learned to listen and interpret its plans. With the tree as his guide he uses innovative techniques, combining art and science to create custom built tree houses `that compliment the tree.

Northeast Treehouse
Northeast Treehouse designs and builds treehouses for all ages and interests. We are dedicated to the science of creating safe, environmentally and tree friendly treehouses. The Company is owned and operated by Ken and Diane King. Ken has been a Master Arborist for 12 years and Owns a Landscape Design and Construction Company. Diane is an Artist and works with Ken in landscaping. The love of trees the outdoors and the creative world sparked a natural passion for treehouses.
Tree Top Builders: Custom Tree House Builders
Custom tree houses are our specialty – it’s all we do. At Tree Top Builders, we open up new worlds of enjoyment. Tree houses inspire the imagination. Give hours of fun and enjoyment. Create memories that last a lifetime. Tree houses are many things to many people. They are the best places for sleepovers... a "kids only" retreat. Adult treehouses are becoming more popular… consider a guesthouse... an office or perhaps a platform for reflection or relaxation. You're only limited by your imagination. Each Tree Top tree house is custom designed and built to fulfill your vision.

This listing of the Treehouse builders is constantly being revised as we discover new treehouses builders and old ones retire. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!