Best Skateboard Parks

Kona Skate Park - Jacksonville, FL - Website
     Kona skatepark is the probably the oldest private skateboard park in the US. the place first opened up in the late 70's, and it still has the original concrete snake runs intact and skateable. This skateboard park also features 2 street / x-games courses, a spine ramp, 80 ft wide vert ramp, and a gnarly concrete pool.


Vans Skate Park - Orlando, FL - Website
     Several professional skaters served as consultants to help create this skateboard park that is specifically-tailored to the needs of riders of all skill levels and to cater to the tastes of Orlando riders. The Vans Skatepark's varied riding areas and obstacles range from popular skatepark staples to innovative and unique additions to challenge a variety of rider styles and skill levels:



Black Pearl Skate Park  - Cayman Islands - Website
     How is the Black Pearl Experience different than any other skate camp in the world? Black Pearl Skate Park offers skaters the opportunity to learn from and skate with some of the most talented Pro Skaters in the world: Mike Vallely, Chet Childress, Ed Selego, Adelmo Jr, Steve Nesser and many others. Combine this with our location, the best skatepark in the world set on a beautiful tropical island, and a once in a lifetime experience awaits you at this island skateboard park.

Woodward West Camp- Stallion Springs, CA  Website
     The Woodward West Skate Camp is the second of two major Skate Camps to open in Southern California in the last year. This skateboard camp will be a great place to learn to skate for new kids getting into the sport as well as a great place for skaters to improve by learning from the pros. The skate camp features a competition style vert ramp and street course as well as what looks like a killer concrete skate park. Unfortunately, Woodward West does not offer any 1 day sessions  So, if you want to check this place out you will either need to know someone or enroll for a week long session which starts at around $1,000!

Encinitas YMCA - Encinitas, CA - Website
     Whether you know it or not, you've seen the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA skateboard park a million times. This is the site of one of the most famous big vert ramps in the history of skateboarding. 80' wide by 13 ft tall, 19 ft roll-in, extensions and "floating platform" - big, big, big! It's been in a zillion ads. But the best part about this park- at least for most of us - is everything else.

Battle Ground Skatepark, Battle Ground, Washington - Photos
28,000 Square Feet - New Skate Park - Just Opened


Playstation State park -  London, UK - Website
    Underneath central London's busy Westway, close to where it crosses Portobello Road, lies the Playstation Skatepark. Because it's housed beneath the motorway it's classed an an indoor skatepark - in fact, the only one in london - but, of course, it benefits from the breeze that blows through the concrete pillars that support the structure. It's a big park that houses the capital's only vert ramp. There's something for everyone here, and beginners can benefit from the sturday morning instruction sessions.

Millennium Skatepark -  Calgary, Alberta - Website
     Calgary Millennium Skatepark is the largest outdoor public skatepark in the world. The park features a banked bowl area, a jump box, roll-on rails, a funbox, wall rides, a quarter pipe, a full pipe and plenty more. The park is open 24-hours a day. Admission is free.

Trinidad Skatepark  - Trinidad, CO. - Website
     Trinidad Skate Park is one of southern Colorado's newest skateboard parks. This free 15,000 sq. ft. concrete skatepark facility was completed in May 2003 and has earned rave reviews from everyone who has the opportunity to take advantage of this skateparks' awesome layout. Most locals seem to prefer skateparks that are free.
     This skateboard park was built by Grindline Skateparks and is definitely one of the top skateparks in Colorado. Most skateparks Grindline constructs are free and unsupervised. They have built in a near infinite number of lines and unique features make this spot skateable for days. Not to mention its free. 

Louisville Extreme Park - Louisville, KY -  Website
     Louisville Extreme Park includes 40,000 square feet of outdoor concrete skating surface, a 24-foot full pipe, and a wooden vert ramp. A second phase includes a 20,000 square foot building with indoor skate areas, concessions, and restrooms. In addition to drawing extreme sports enthusiasts from across the country, the park will be an attractive venue for competitions and clinics.
     Louisville Extreme Park will provide skateboarding, rollerblading and biking opportunities to people ofall ages and skill levels. Centrally located downtown near Waterfront Park and Slugger Field, the“X-park” will be accessible from all parts of the community by bus and car, or by self-powered means via the RiverWalk and the Beargrass Creek Bicycle Trail! The park’s design was based on the input of a local task force and the results of a public meeting attended by more than 100 likely Extreme Park users. Using clay, participants created models of design features they wanted to see in the park.
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This listing of the Top Ten Skate Parks is constantly being revised as we experience and learn new things about existing parks and as new skate parks are being constructed. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!