Best College Bars in the USA

This listing of the best college bars in the United States was compiled by America's Best college drinking panel. If you would like to suggest your favorite college bar, please email us at [email protected]. Cheers!

1. State Street Brats, WISCONSIN
When thinking about authenticity, there is no question that the cheese curds at State Street Brats and the manner in which they are served are at the top of the list.  Students and locals dine at State Street Brats to watch football and other sports while enjoying a brat and a beer: how much more authentic can a place get? 

2. The Houndstooth, ALABAMA
The Houndstooth Sports Bar opened its doors in July of 1988 at 1300 University Blvd. in Tuscaloosa Alabama . Offers a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with a wide array of drinks and the coldest beer in town. We now have over 40 high definition flat screen tv’s located throughout the bar and even in the bathrooms so you won’t miss any action of your favorite game.

3. Eskimo Joe's, OKLAHOMA STATE
Eskimo Joe's was the brainchild of Steve File, a pal of Stan Clark since the two were in fifth grade. One fateful Sunday afternoon in May, 1975, Steve proclaimed, "Hey, I'm gonna open a bar!" Stan said, "I know where there's a two-story building for rent. I'll go in partners with you!" Within minutes, these two wild and crazy guys had agreed to rent the building at 501 W. Elm.

4. Harpo's, MISSOURI
29 South 10th St., Columbia
An eight-hour journey from Tuscaloosa to Columbia stretches into OT thanks to two missed exits, but it's shortened -- in spirit -- by that which we call "iPod." (Road tip: "Shuffle" is to the iPod what Taco Bell is to late-night snacking. Wilco: great for sing-alongs. Coldplay: not so much.)
5. Scorekeepers, MICHIGAN
310 Maynard St., Ann Arbor

6. McDuffy's Sports Bar, ARIZONA STATE
230 West 5th St., Tempe

7. Esso Club, CLEMSON
129 Old Greenville Hwy. #1, Clemson

8. The Swamp, FLORIDA
1642 West University Ave., Gainesville

9. Bear's Lair Pub, CAL
2475 Brancroft Way, Berkeley


2000 South Mission St., Mount Pleasant