Alaska's Cycling Clubs


Arctic Bicycle Club
Originally founded in Anchorage in the '70s as a road cycling club, the Arctic Bicycle Club now offers a Mountain Bike Racing Division, a Road Bike Racing Division and a Touring Division which offers both road and mountain bike rides for all levels.

The Road Division hosts a full schedule of road racing events from April through October including a cyclecross series. The Mountain Bike Division stages mountain bike races from May through September. The Touring Division coordinates noncompetitive road and mountain bike rides from March through October suitable to all ability levels including family rides.

Fairbanks Cycle Club
We are a small bicycle club in Fairbanks, Alaska. We enjoy winter bicycling in the snowy months, and going for long rides under the midnight sun during the long days of summer. Fairbanks is rich with trails, suitable for year-round use. The roads in Fairbanks are fairly rough and hilly, but we still enjoy our time-trials, races and leisure rides. 

Juneau Freewheelers Bicycle Club