Top 10 Budget Cities for Vacation in the USA

Atlanta, GA
Georgia on your mind? Well it should be because it tops this year's Travel Value Index. Atlanta takes the number one spot because of its amazing discounts (Discount Rating: 95) on a wide variety of quality hotels and affordable entertainment (Entertainment Rating: 71). Atlanta is also home to some of the country's largest cultural institutions.
Orlando, FL
Orlando offers almost everything a vacationer could want. It consistently ranks highly (this year is no exception), attracting tourists who want low prices (Low Price Rating: 99) and affordable entertainment (better known as beaches close by). Orlando is the theme-park capital of the world, home to Disney World and more.

Phoenix, AZ
Scoring high marks on our list again is the desert oasis of Phoenix. With low prices on world-class hotels and resorts (Low Price Rating: 67), Phoenix also offers outdoor adventures, golf courses, a wide selection of shopping, and nearly perfect year-round weather.
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Dallas-Fort Worth is not only known for big barbecuing and shopping, but also big discounts on travel (Discount Rating: 88). Shop for bargains at Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall.

Denver, CO
Skiers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to Denver year after year, giving this city a well-deserved spot on this year's list. The Mile High City offers great discounts (Low Price Rating: 74) on accommodations and a wide variety of outdoor and free activities.
Houston, TX
The nation's fourth-largest city offers something for everyone. With its impressive array of skyscrapers, parks, museums and shops, downtown Houston exudes both cosmopolitan vivacity and old-school Southern charm. This town ranks high on our list for offering big discounts on travel (Discount Rating 100) and sunny year-round weather.
Los Angeles, CA
You don't need celebrity status to enjoy your visit to Los Angeles. The City of Angels received high marks for affordable entertainment (Entertainment Rating: 100). With its numerous beaches, free museums, and parks, Los Angeles offers plenty of activities and sights to enjoy.

Raleigh, NC
(Low Price Rating: 100) is situated in the center of the Research Triangle, with a warm subtropical climate, and is home to some of the best and the brightest academics in the country. Not surprisingly, you'll find a wealth of cultural and educational activities to enjoy during your stay. What is surprising is that most of these bastions of higher learning can be accessed for much less than a student loan.

Chicago, IL
With wonderful attractions and activities year-round, Chicago has something to offer all visitors. With quality discounts (79) you could, in a single day, admire Impressionist art, enjoy the view from atop North America's tallest building, and root for the home team at a classic ballpark. Chicago is also great for families with Navy Pier, Lake Michigan and the Lincoln Zoo nearby.
Miami, FL
Beachgoers head to Miami by the thousands, but there's more than just sun and surf to attract the crowds. You might not think of Miami as a bargain-hunter's paradise, but this warm and fun (Entertainment Rating: 89) destination makes it on our value list because of what you can do for next to nothing.

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Hotwire Travel Value Index
Hotwire announced the results of its fifth annual Hotwire® Travel Value Index study, naming Atlanta as the top 2010 destination for vacation deals. Hotwire's Travel Value Index showcases the top 10 cities where consumers planning their next trip can find the best value and entertainment options.

The Hotwire Travel Value Index is based on a statistical model combining both in-house and third party research.  Hotwire evaluates 75 U.S. markets, rating them across three individual categories to generate an overall ranking for consumer vacation value.  The formula includes:

  • Low prices on air, rental car, and hotel (50 percent of overall score)

  • Discounts on air, rental car, and hotel (25 percent of overall score)

  • Affordable entertainment, overall appeal and choice of accommodations (25 percent of overall score)

"Hotwire's planning tools help consumers find great deals throughout the year, but it's particularly important now," said Clem Bason, President of the Hotwire Group.  "We're on the cusp of Spring Break, and the busy summer season is right behind it.  So if you want to stretch your travel dollars, the latest Travel Value Index will definitely point you in the right direction."

Travelers to this year's top ranked city Atlanta can find deep discounts on a wide variety of quality hotels and car rentals, as well as affordable entertainment and attractions including the World of Coca-Cola Tour, CNN Studio Tour and Centennial Olympic Park. Other cities scoring high marks in discounts and low prices include runner-up Orlando, Dallas-Fort Worth and new addition Raleigh. Meanwhile, cities like Los Angeles and Miami shine with their affordable entertainment ratings, offering vacationers plenty of activities to fit any budget.

According to the Hotwire Travel Value Index, the top 10 U.S. places for value vacations this year include:


Overall TVI Rating

Rank Last Year

High Scoring Category


1. Atlanta, GA



Discounts/ Entertainment


2. Orlando, FL



Low Prices/Entertainment


3. Phoenix, AZ





4. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX





5. Denver, CO



Low Prices


6. Houston, TX





7. Los Angeles, CA





8. Raleigh, NC



Low Prices


9. Chicago, IL





10. Miami, FL









"It's not surprising that Atlanta made its way back to the top of the list," said Bason. "New inventory and the dip in Atlanta's convention business have created an opportunity for consumers to find amazing deals and discounts this year."