Best Hot Dogs in the USA

Looking for the best hot dogs in the USA? It doesn't get more "American" than hot dogs and apple pie. Here are some of the best-known hot dog shops around the country.

Superdawg Drive-In - 6363 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
For irresistible retro kitsch, there's no surpassing this far northwest side "dawg" house.

SCHNÄCK - 122 Union Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Red Hook's latest dive SCHNÄCK utilizes sumptuous Stahl-Meyer franks, pink and moist and salty and fresh tasting, more aggressively flavored than most. If you pass through Brooklyn you have to stop by this joint for a dog and a brew.

Varsity - 61 North Avenue NW, Atlanta, Georgia.
Love this place! It is a "drive in" with character and charm. The fresh rolls make the hot dogs! Fries are wonderfully greasy fries like we had back in the 1950s.

The Wienery - 414 Cedar Avenue S., Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Stroll into this West Bank institution and you'll soon know the difference between the salted roadkill that passes for hot dogs in too many other joints and the succulent Vienna beef that the Wienery jams into its casings. The meat is pithy, juicy, and eminently flavorful.

Otto's Sausage Kitchen - 4138 SE Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon.
Otto's is primarily a meat market. In this cool room hang sausages of various kinds as well as big slabs of bacon ready to be sliced.

Vida Cart - Corner of Fifth Avenue and Island, Downtown San Diego, California.
When the vibes are right, usually around one or two in the morning, this hot dog stand becomes a café des artistes, the kind of street scene you would find in New York or San Francisco. Daniela, an artist from Bulgaria, started it right under the historic Chinese Callan hotel.

Primanti Brothers - 46 18th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The city's signature sandwich shop has been around since the 1920s.

Boston Speed's Famous Hot Dog Wagon - Boston, Massachusetts.
Drive over to the Newmarket Square meat market in Roxbury around noon, and you'll see a swarm of big guys in '80s Lincolns pulling in and out from Mass Ave and the Expressway. The stand's proprietor, Ezra "Speed" Anderson, grills some of the largest and tastiest hot dogs you have ever seen.

Ritzy Lunch - 456 W. Pike Street, Clarksburg, West Virginia.
There's nothing too ritzy about Ritzy Lunch, a downtown doghouse that has been a gathering place for the good people of Clarksburg since 1933. 

Flo's - Route 1, Cape Neddick, Maine.
The greeting at Flo's is Down East direct and to the point.  "How Many?"  Don't even think of ordering one. They'll know you're a tourist.

This listing of the Best Hot Dogs in the United States is constantly being revised as we find and eat great hot dogs. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!