Best College Football Cheerleaders

Here are photos of the best college cheerleaders in the USA. The University of Southern California cheerleaders top the list every year. You non-Trojans may call them the "University of Spoiled Children" but there is no denying that those cute girls in white USC sweaters win this contest annually without a doubt.

Other top ten cheer-leading squads are listed below including the Ohio State Buckeyes, Auburn University Tigers, Louisiana State University LSU Fighting Tigers, Clemson Tigers (the judges might be tiger biased based on all the tigers on this list but there are a couple of bulldog mascots too), Mississippi State Bulldogs, University of Georgia Bulldogs, Boise State Broncos, Texas Longhorns, and Oregon State University Beavers.

1. USC Cheerleaders

In 1967, seven young women were selected to make a new addition to the USC spirit scene. The next year, these girls walked out onto the field of the Los Angeles Coliseum to cheer on the Trojan Football team to victory. This was the beginning of a prestigious tradition at the University of Southern California – the USC Song Leaders make their debut. The Song Leaders play an important role in the spirit and pride of USC. These USC cheerleaders perform at numerous events, including rallies, alumni functions, weddings, and sporting events such as basketball, football and volleyball. Resplendent in their white uniforms, cardinal and gold pom-poms at their sides, the Song Leaders have an unmistakable presence. Recently, they were recognized for their accomplishments by being voted Best Cheerleaders in America by Sports Illustrated Magazine and the 2002 squad's captains were proud recepients of the All-American Cheerleader award.


2. Ohio State Cheerleaders


3. Auburn Cheerleaders


4. Louisiana State University Cheerleaders


5. Clemson Cheerleaders

. Mississippi State Cheerleaders

7. University of Georgia

8. Boise State Cheerleaders


9. University of Texas Cheerleaders

10. Oregon State Cheerleaders


This listing of the Top College Cheerleaders in the United States is constantly being revised as cheerleader graduate and new Cheerleaders are being discovered. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email  us and let us know!