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Cumberland Island is 17.5 miles long and totals 36,415 acres of which 16,850 are marsh, mud flats, and tidal creeks. The island is rich with natural resources like ancient sea turtles, wild turkeys, wild horses, armadillos, sand dunes, maritime forests, and salt marshes. The historic significance of this island is the subject of numerous books and archeological studies. She is Cumberland Island, the largest of Georgia’s barrier islands, and the one most filled with romance, history, and intrigue.
Cumberland Island National Seashore is an American treasure. When visitors first set foot upon the island (via the Cumberland Queen ferry from St. Marys’ waterfront), there is an immediate sense of awe: that this island, like no other, should be mere minutes from Mainland Georgia. Cumberland Island’s past is a tantalizing story of the Timucuan Indians, the French, the Spanish, pirates, wars, steel magnates, and cotton plantations. The Travel Channel named her “America’s Most Beautiful Wilderness Beach.”



Both developed and wilderness camping is available. Reservations are encouraged and may be made up to six months in advance. All camping is limited to seven days. Spring and late fall are peak seasons. Entrance fees, camping fees and ferry fees are additional.

Backcountry Camping
Camping is limited to seven days. Back country sites are $2.00 per person per night. There are no facilities at the backcountry sites and water must be treated. Campfires are not permitted in the backcountry and portable stoves are suggested. The three backcountry sites range from 5.5 to 10.5 miles from the Sea Camp ferry dock. Sites are assigned upon arrival.

Hickory Hill: 5.5 miles from Sea Camp, in the heart of the island, offers a fascinating close encounter with an intriguing interior freshwater wetland and its wildlife. Due to being located in a wetland area, bugs are often prevalent.

Yankee Paradise: 7.5 miles from Sea Camp, also in the center of the island and a half days walk to and from the Plum Orchard Mansion.

Brickhill Bluff: 10.5 miles from Sea Camp, located on the Brickhill River. A favorite place for seeing dolphins and manatees.

Sea Camp
Sea Camp Campground is $4.00 per person per night. The campground at Sea Camp has restroom facilities with cold water showers, a small amphitheater for ranger programs, and boardwalk access to the beach. This campground consists of 16 individual camp sites and two group sites. Group sites can accommodate 10-20 people. Each campsite has a grill, fire ring, food cage, and picnic table. Sites are assigned upon arrival.

Stafford Campground
Stafford camp sites are $4.00 per person per night and are located 3.5 miles from the Sea Camp Ranger Station. Restrooms, showers, and fire rings are available at the site. Fire rings are on a first come first serve basis.
A total of 50 miles of hiking trails meander through maritime forests, interior wetlands, historic districts, marsh ecosystems, and the beautiful beaches. Trails are accessible only by foot. The roadways allow vehicle and bicycle use.

Trails at the south end include Dungeness Trail, a ranger led or self-guided walk through the Dungeness Historic District, River Trail(a short walk from Dungeness Dock to Sea Camp), Nightingale Trail offers another view of a maritime forest, while the South End trail is an interesting collision of ecosystems. Traveling north on the dirt shell road, Grande Avenue takes you through the heart of the island under a draping canopy of live oaks, forest floors packed with palmetto, tall stands of stately pines, open fields, tidal creeks, fresh water wetlands and lakes, Plum Orchard Mansion, and culminating at the site of the First African Baptist Church located in the Settlement at the north end of Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island Websites

Cumberland Island NPS
Welcome to St Marys, Georgia

Cumberland Island's Greyfield Inn


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