Most Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Hotel Monteleone
214 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone:(504) 523-3341
In 1886, Mr. Monteleone bought a 64-room hotel on the corner of Royal and Iberville streets in New Orleans’ world famous French Quarter.  Since 1886, four generations of Monteleones have dedicated themselves to making their hotel what it was and still is- a sparkling jewel in the heart of the French Quarter.

A team from the International Society of Paranormal Research  identified such creatures as “Red”, the faithful engineer; William Wildemer, a guest who most likely died in the hotel; a ten-year-old boy who often plays hide-and-seek with another young spirit; a star-crossed lover and others. The Hotel says all of their ghosts are friendly.

Le Pavillon Hotel
833 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone:(504) 581-3111
Built in 1907, Le Pavillon Hotel is a member of Historic Hotels of America and maintains membership in the Leading Hotels of the World. Le Pavillon Hotel has been the proud recipient of AAA's four-diamond award since 1996. Out of hundreds of eligible New Orleans Hotels, Le Pavillon Hotel was named to the "Gold List" by Conde Nast.

A paranormal research team identified four ghosts at LePavillon including a 19th century teenage girl, a young aristocratic couple from the 1920’s, and a dapper gentleman from the same era who likes to play pranks on the cleaning staff.


Bourbon Orleans, Wyndham Hotel
717 Orleans Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone: 504-523-2222
Stories of the rooms and corridors of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel being haunted are about as old as the hotel itself. Prior to the hotel's existence, the site was home to the historic Orleans Ballroom and the Orleans Theater before being converted into a convent in the late 1800's. Ghosts who roam the halls and rooms of the Bourbon Orleans today, lived in all different eras of this building's history. There is the story of the Confederate Soldier or "The Man" that surround both the sixth and seventh floors. The ghost children and female apparitions found at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel are most likely from the era when the Sisters of the Holy Family operated a convent, girls' school, medical ward and orphanage. The famous Orleans Ballroom, home to the grandest social events of the nineteenth century, is also home of a lonely ghost dancer, seen dancing underneath the ballroom's crystal chandelier. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel ranks as one of New Orleans' top haunted hotels.

Le Richelieu Hotel
1234 Chartres Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone: 1-800-535-9653
Rumors say the location of this hotel was used as an execution ground. In 1802, when France took back Louisiana from Spain, several Spanish soldiers were shot for treason on this site. The ghosts of some of these Spanish soldiers have been reported to walk the grounds of this hotel near the swiming pool and small bar. Soldiers in old Spanish uniforms have been spotted by many of it's patrons.
Hotel Maison de Ville
727 Rue Toulouse
New Orleans, LA 70130
Hotel Maison de Ville in New Orleans is said to be haunted by a soldier with a penchant for country music. Once a hotel employee opened the door to show guest into Cottage No. 4 and they say they saw a man dressed in a 1940's military uniform, who then disappeared. It has been told over and over again whenever the cottage's radio is turned to any station, the ghost changes it back to a country station. He also is said to have materialized fully to several guest when seances are held in the cottage and appears solid and as real as any live person, then simply he is said to walk into the wall.
Andrew Jackson Hotel

919 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone: (504) 561-5881

This hotel was once the site of an old New Orleans all-boy’s school. The school was destroyed in the great fire of New Orleans 1788. Five boys were said to have perished in the blaze. And still haunt the present building.  Over the years, guests have reported hearing children playing in the courtyard in the middle of the night, despite the fact that the courtyard was deserted. 
Dauphine Orleans Hotel
415 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (800) 785-6893
The Dauphine Orleans is haunted by Civil War soldiers and their well dressed ladies of the evening in the bar, May Bailey's, once a bordello. It is said that at night, the spirit of the woman rearranges the bottles in the bar, as the soldier wanders through the courtyard. The beds or said to bounce and shake in the early hours of the morning and late in the afternoon. 
Omni Royal Orleans
621 St. Louis Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70140
Phone: (504) 529-5333
A woman ghost of an 18th century maid still haunts the hotel and sometimes tucks guests into bed. She is also said to turn on the bath, or flush the toilets at strange times. One guest said she kept turning on the lights in his room in the middle of the night.
Provincial Hotel
1024 Chartres St
New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone:(504) 581-4995
This Hotel Provincial was once the Confederate hospital. Confederate soldiers and doctors alike have been seen wandering the corridors. or reaching out to guest for help. Moans and grown's and voices are heard through out the complex of buildings. Ghostly figures of men and women alike.  

The Place D’Armes Hotel
625 Saint Ann Street
New Orleans, LA 70116-3287
Phone:(504) 524-4531
This hotel was said to have been built on the site where a school house once stood. A major fire destroyed the school and many children and teachers were burned to death in the blaze. The hotel sports many ghosts one of which has been reported as being an elderly bearded man dressed in 1800’s attire. He is said to appear and nod to guests then vanish.
Many of the above stories were gather from Haunted New Orleans Hotel Tours. Please visit them when you are in New Orleans.

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